Meet The Artist

Joyce Lomax Creations is a unique collection of original designs and handmade products. The product line includes magnets, mugs, throw pillows, custom-designed toilet seat covers, light switch covers, prints, and wastebaskets.

Joyce Lomax is the creator behind these beautiful creations. Her love for art came early when she spent her childhood in Akron, Ohio. As a child, Joyce was drawn to drawing, painting, and exploring her creative expression. However, there was no financial support for her formal art training, so she taught herself!

Joyce explored many mediums before she found her calling in pressed copper paintings and ceramic work. Her art is very earthy with a primitive flare depicting characters and experiences in her African-American environment. Some of her depictions are lighthearted with a bit of humor.

Joyce has a love of color and enjoys expressing herself through her art. Her unique collection is a testament to her passion and creativity.